Making promises to myself..

I make promises to people all the time- promise I’ll get that done for you, promise I’ll call tonight, promise to be there- and I’m pretty good at following through (minus a couple episodes of mom brain). But do you know who I absolutely cannot keep a promise to? Myself. When I first got diagnosedContinue reading “Making promises to myself..”

Embracing Your Postpartum Body

During pregnancy I was not at all bothered by the weight I had gained. I ate well and though I didn’t have an exercise routine I completed every day I stayed fairly active. After I delivered August I was actually dropping the weight pretty easily and feeing pretty good, but after a trip to theContinue reading “Embracing Your Postpartum Body”

Diastasis Recti- 12 Week Postpartum Update

It’s been six weeks past my postpartum check-up where I was diagnosed with separation of the abdominal muscles, a condition called Diastasis Recti. After that appointment I envisioned myself finding a program and hitting it hard resulting in a huge improvement in my abs by this point in time. But I actually have a life.Continue reading “Diastasis Recti- 12 Week Postpartum Update”

Getting Diagnosed with Diastasis Recti

A few weeks ago I went to my midwives for my 6 week postpartum visit. As I lay on the exam table, she said she was going to check me for diastis recti, I did a small crunch and she casually said, ” You have a significant gap of two to three fingers.” My heartContinue reading “Getting Diagnosed with Diastasis Recti”