Professional Looking Milestone Pictures: Setting the Stage

Milestone pictures are the hottest new thing in the world of new moms. As if we didn’t have enough on our plates with trying to feed, clothe, nap, and keep our new little fella alive- now we feel the pressure to take monthly photos! While they are adorable, trying to take the perfect picture ofContinue reading “Professional Looking Milestone Pictures: Setting the Stage”

“Aren’t they too young for that…”

Fall is finally here! Leaves are falling, the air is getting only slightly cooler here in Florida, and all the the fall festivals are underway. From here until January there are so many things taking place in the community- fall festivals, trunk or treats, family-night downtown, and not to mention all the Christmas events takingContinue reading ““Aren’t they too young for that…””

Postpartum Anxiety: Taking Steps to Getting Back to Me

I passed the initial Postpartum Depression screenings without any hesitation right after August was born, but over the course of the next couple months things began to shift. I wrote about those first few months here. It wasn’t until we switched pediatricians that a professional began the conversation with me about Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.Continue reading “Postpartum Anxiety: Taking Steps to Getting Back to Me”

Six Month Must-Haves

When August turned six months I really started noticing how much he was developmentally growing and I wanted to encourage that growth! It’s so important to introduce different activities and stimulates to keep you little one curiousness challenge them to explore even more! Here are some of my top picks for when they start needingContinue reading “Six Month Must-Haves”