Making a “Mom Bag”

The Christmas before August was born my sister got me this super cute zipper pouch that reads “mommy”. Little did I know this would become an invaluable item in my diaper bag. So what is a “mom bag”? Let me show you! My mom bag keeps all the important things that I would typically haveContinue reading “Making a “Mom Bag””

Traveling with Baby: Free apps for on the go!

Traveling with babies is no joke- but it didn’t have to be as hard as we make it in our minds. Planning the trip around little one’s schedule can help the journey go more smoothly- but it never hurt to have some extra help! There are TONS of apps out there for traveling with orContinue reading “Traveling with Baby: Free apps for on the go!”

Traveling with Baby: Planning Your Trip

When we first got married there were¬† a lot of people who told us to do all of the traveling we we wanted to do BEFORE having kids. Cause all the good times stop then. Wrong. You can totally still travel with kids, even a newborn! August went on his first trip at 5 weeksContinue reading “Traveling with Baby: Planning Your Trip”