Making promises to myself..

I make promises to people all the time- promise I’ll get that done for you, promise I’ll call tonight, promise to be there- and I’m pretty good at following through (minus a couple episodes of mom brain). But do you know who I absolutely cannot keep a promise to? Myself. When I first got diagnosedContinue reading “Making promises to myself..”

When it’s more than just Worry: Postpartum Anxiety

I have postpartum anxiety. Those words feel foreign as I type them. Over the past month I have been struggling to figure out exactly how this defines me, what dies this mean for me as a mother? While I have yet to come up with very many answers I felt it was important to goContinue reading “When it’s more than just Worry: Postpartum Anxiety”

Fit2B Review

Fit2B is a workout system designed for new moms or those who struggle with abdominal trauma such as diastasis reti (abdominal separation, often caused by pregnancy). System is probably the wrong term for Fit2B, it is more of a workout community! Here’s the low down: Cost: Unlike a lot of other workout programs it isContinue reading “Fit2B Review”

What They Didn’t Tell Me About Postpartum

While I was pregnant I did my fair share of research about what to expect during the Postpartum period. I felt like I was pretty well prepared to handle whatever my post-baby body would throw at me, but boy was I wrong! 1. Postpartum comes in waves. I had a list of symptoms I mightContinue reading “What They Didn’t Tell Me About Postpartum”

Drug Store Beauty Haul

I like makeup as much as the next girl, but my guilty pleasure is skin products. A good scrub, eye cream, or mask can completely change the course if my day. But with a new little one sucking up all our cash (he really did need that tether and sunnies-I swear) and doctor, dentist, andContinue reading “Drug Store Beauty Haul”

Embracing Your Postpartum Body

During pregnancy I was not at all bothered by the weight I had gained. I ate well and though I didn’t have an exercise routine I completed every day I stayed fairly active. After I delivered August I was actually dropping the weight pretty easily and feeing pretty good, but after a trip to theContinue reading “Embracing Your Postpartum Body”

Diastasis Recti- 12 Week Postpartum Update

It’s been six weeks past my postpartum check-up where I was diagnosed with separation of the abdominal muscles, a condition called Diastasis Recti. After that appointment I envisioned myself finding a program and hitting it hard resulting in a huge improvement in my abs by this point in time. But I actually have a life.Continue reading “Diastasis Recti- 12 Week Postpartum Update”

Getting Diagnosed with Diastasis Recti

A few weeks ago I went to my midwives for my 6 week postpartum visit. As I lay on the exam table, she said she was going to check me for diastis recti, I did a small crunch and she casually said, ” You have a significant gap of two to three fingers.” My heartContinue reading “Getting Diagnosed with Diastasis Recti”