Breastfeeding Bootcamp: What you need to know about pumping!

I am back to work full-time this week after a much needed break over summer. I went back to work when August was 2 months old. I worked and pumped for five weeks before summer break. Prior to returning to work and during those five weeks I pumped often to boost my board elite lowContinue reading “Breastfeeding Bootcamp: What you need to know about pumping!”

How to Make Pumping at Work- Work

This week is World Breastfeeding Week! This is a great time to celebrate what our bodily s are divinely made to do- nourish our babies! Breastfeeding is not easy though, especially when you have to return to work. Pumping at work can feel extremely overwhelming. I spent my last few weeks on maternity leave dreadingContinue reading “How to Make Pumping at Work- Work”

How to keep Baby from Breaking the Bank

When we got pregnant with August we didn’t have a baby fund and we hadn’t made any financial changes in preparation for pregnancy. It became really important for us to try and make the most of our paychecks and we have actually learned some really great ways to save and even EARN money during pregnancyContinue reading “How to keep Baby from Breaking the Bank”

Going Back to Work After Baby

As the summer is drawing to a close its time for me to start getting ready to go back to work. I work at a school so after August was born I took my maternity leave and then returned to school for five weeks- then it was summertime! I won’t say that last time wasContinue reading “Going Back to Work After Baby”