Six Month Must-Haves

When August turned six months I really started noticing how much he was developmentally growing and I wanted to encourage that growth! It’s so important to introduce different activities and stimulates to keep you little one curiousness challenge them to explore even more! Here are some of my top picks for when they start needingContinue reading “Six Month Must-Haves”

Making a “Mom Bag”

The Christmas before August was born my sister got me this super cute zipper pouch that reads “mommy”. Little did I know this would become an invaluable item in my diaper bag. So what is a “mom bag”? Let me show you! My mom bag keeps all the important things that I would typically haveContinue reading “Making a “Mom Bag””

What’s in My Diaper Bag: Newborn-3 Months

What you need in your diaper bag changes as your baby grows, here’s a look inside my diaper bag when August was a newborn. 10 Diapers Package of wipes Diaper changing mat Mylicon Gas Relief drops Gripe Water First aid kit: nail clippers, bandaids, thermometer, and Tylenol for mom A set of clean clothes andContinue reading “What’s in My Diaper Bag: Newborn-3 Months”

Troubleshooting Breastfeeding

If you are having any trouble nursing please contact a lactation specialist. You can find one here. Starting a good and strong nursing relationship with your newborn will be vital to their development, any questions or concerns you have would be gladly answered by a specialist. I by no means am a lactation specialist, IContinue reading “Troubleshooting Breastfeeding”

Traveling with Baby: Planning Your Trip

When we first got married there were  a lot of people who told us to do all of the traveling we we wanted to do BEFORE having kids. Cause all the good times stop then. Wrong. You can totally still travel with kids, even a newborn! August went on his first trip at 5 weeksContinue reading “Traveling with Baby: Planning Your Trip”

The Best Free Apps for the Pregnant Momma

There are 1,001 apps out there for pregnant women. Some help track your health while other offer stickers for those cute pictures of your growing bump. Here are a few of my favorites from when I was pregnant with August: The Bump This app give week by week progress on your little ones development. SizeContinue reading “The Best Free Apps for the Pregnant Momma”

Top Baby Finds for Three Months

Here’s a few of the things August and Mommy are loving at three months: Carter’s Sleep and Play I don’t believe in doing anymore laundry than is absolutely necessary, so for lazy days around the house these Sleep and Play jammies are perfect. The footless design keeps baby from getting too hot throughout the dayContinue reading “Top Baby Finds for Three Months”

Must Have for the Nursing Momma

My breastfeeding journey got off to a rocky start, but there are several items that I adore that have made it so much easier!  Bamboobies Nursing Shawl This nursing cover is amazing! I had bought a cover that was more in the style of a scarf, but I use this one way more. It’s largeContinue reading “Must Have for the Nursing Momma”

Must Haves for Bringing Baby Home

As a first time Momma I did everything in my power to make sure I had everything my newborn would need. Diapers, wipes, car seat, crib, a cute diaper bag- check! My nesting showed up in a compulsion to make sure my baby would have everything he needed, yet somehow it ended up that IContinue reading “Must Haves for Bringing Baby Home”