Making promises to myself..

I make promises to people all the time- promise I’ll get that done for you, promise I’ll call tonight, promise to be there- and I’m pretty good at following through (minus a couple episodes of mom brain). But do you know who I absolutely cannot keep a promise to? Myself. When I first got diagnosedContinue reading “Making promises to myself..”

Making a “Mom Bag”

The Christmas before August was born my sister got me this super cute zipper pouch that reads “mommy”. Little did I know this would become an invaluable item in my diaper bag. So what is a “mom bag”? Let me show you! My mom bag keeps all the important things that I would typically haveContinue reading “Making a “Mom Bag””

Drug Store Beauty Haul

I like makeup as much as the next girl, but my guilty pleasure is skin products. A good scrub, eye cream, or mask can completely change the course if my day. But with a new little one sucking up all our cash (he really did need that tether and sunnies-I swear) and doctor, dentist, andContinue reading “Drug Store Beauty Haul”