“Aren’t they too young for that…”

Fall is finally here! Leaves are falling, the air is getting only slightly cooler here in Florida, and all the the fall festivals are underway. From here until January there are so many things taking place in the community- fall festivals, trunk or treats, family-night downtown, and not to mention all the Christmas events taking place! I love looking at what’s going on in the community and taking August, but so often I get asked “Isn’t he too young to do any of that?”

No. No. No.

I am so tired of hearing some women complain that they can’t do anything fun with their baby, cause they are “too little”. The only one setting those guidelines is you! So how do you enjoy these seasonal events with your little one? Here’s some tips I have learned…

Come prepared

The key to any good day with baby- be prepared! Pack the diaper bag full of everything you might need: diapers, wipes, blanket, snacks, bottles, nursing scarf, fishing toys, etc. Bring the stroller or baby carrier- the more comfortable the baby, the better the day!

Look for engagement opportunities

So the flyer says Costume contest, pumpkin patch, hayrides, pumpkin painting, corn maze, and petting zoo! What is there for a little one to do when all the activities are gauged for pre-school aged children and above? Well they can dress up in a fun costume (okay, this one is just for us mommas. I love a good costume on a baby.), they can feel all the bumps and ridges on a pumpkin and take in all the vibrant colors, take a hayride with mom and dad, put their sweet little hand print on a baby pumpkin, take a walk with mom and dad through a corn maze, and watch all the animals taking in the sounds, smells, and maybe even textures if your a brave momma!

Enjoy the simple things

Sometimes as mom we set our expectations for certain experiences too high, it’s like a guaranteed trip “not-good-enough” lane. As a mom one of the mist important things I have learned is to be grateful for the little things. Those tiny moments of feeling a fall leaf for the first time. Looking curiously as the pumpkins. The first rush of a cold winters wind. Staring at the Christmas lights in awe. These are the moments that matter. Don’t expect a perfect day, but make the little moments perfect.

Take it slow

Often times when we go somewhere like the zoo, Disney, or a festival we try to do and see everything possible- but with a baby, that is asking for a day full of stress. Don’t worry about seeing and doing everything. Pick a few things you would like to do and enjoy those things. If baby is having a good time looking at all the animals in the petting zoo, stay there! Soak it in. Don’t be so focused on doing, instead just take the day as it comes. Kids don’t follow plans, so don’t try and force them into one- just live in the moments and you’ll find that the best memories are made without you even trying.

Takes cues from baby

This is by far the most important- take cues from baby bot. If they are acting hungry or sleepy find a place to nurse or nap. If the are getting cranky, take a break, or even call it a day and be thankful for the time you had. Your little one can be unpredictable so just go with the flow and follow their lead.

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