Six Month Must-Haves

When August turned six months I really started noticing how much he was developmentally growing and I wanted to encourage that growth! It’s so important to introduce different activities and stimulates to keep you little one curiousness challenge them to explore even more! Here are some of my top picks for when they start needing to be challenged:

Sit and Play Toys

Sit and play toys are so important- August was a late bloomer and only started sitting up around six months. We wanted to encourage him to sit on his own more frequently so we bought him so toys that are more involved than just a rattle or teether.

Fisher Price Double Poppin’ Dino

This fun toy has two trampolines that bounce the balls up and out. With fun music and sounds that you is crazy engaging for baby. Fair warning though- the balls go everywhere. When playing along side baby you will definitely get in some cardio! August was dazed with this toy at first cause there was so much going on- you could see his little wheels spinning. For now he watches as mom and dad play and he attempts to place the balls into the Dino, it is definitely a toy that can grow with him.

Workbench Toy Set

This toy has a lot to offer an exploring baby. The saw and drill both can be pushed down by the handle to trigger sound effects and lights. A happier, screwdriver, and wrench can be used to twist and push the nails and screws and the middle area has a place to sort and fit shapes. Again, it is another toy that will definitely grow with your little one and encourage imaginative play.

Fidget Busters

These toys are great for keeping baby happy on the go:

Skip Hop Camping Cubs Soft Adventure Book

I love this book for on the go- with a teether, mirror, and fun little flaps and pockets for bear to explore it is a great boredom buster for my little guy- plus he loves the crinkle sound it makes.

Teeth and Twirl Station

We just recently got this and I am so glad! August is at the point we’re we can put him in a high chair at restaurants, but he becomes very bored very quick. This toy has lots of fun textures and colors, but best of all it suctions to the table!

My Pirate Friends

This one was a gift from Grandma on our recent vacation and August loves it! Each little animal makes a different sound or rattle and they are the perfect size for him to grab and manipulate-plus they can be carted along in their super cute pirate ship!

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