Making Your Own Babyfood

Any parent can tell you that baby food can get pretty pricey- not to mention that there are so many option on the market that contain harmful additives and chemicals.

When it came time for August to start eating solids I knew I wanted to try and make my own so that I knew exactly what was going into his little body. (Not to mention it saved me a few bucks!) But the question is- where to start?!

Here’s how I went about making my own baby food!

Find the Veggies and Fruits

Seems simple, and it pretty much is all you have to do is ask yourself a few questions.

Do you care if the veggies are organic?

Do you care if your baggies are locally sourced?

Yes to both? Head to the farmers market!

Just want organic? Try Aldi, Trader Joe’s, or Chamberlins for a large selection of organic products.

No to both? Head to whatever grocery store you prefer!

I chose to go with as much organic as possible, whether from the grocery store or from the farmers market. I was afraid this would drastically increase the cost, but in the long run it was actually very affordable and still cheaper than buying pre-packaged.

Cook It Up

Most fruits and vegetables will need to be cooked before they are ready for baby. A couple exceptions are avocados and bananas. Not only does cooking the veggies get them to the right consistency for purée, but it also helps make them easier to digest.


Blend it to the consistency you want- you can thin out a food with breast milk or formula for a baby that is starting solids or you can leave it a little chunky to help baby transition to solids.

Freeze It!

I use these trays to freeze my purées. Each cube is one fluid ounce so it makes it easy to portion out meals. You can either bag up enough cubes in snack size bags to equal one meal, or you can use a gallon sized bag to store all of one flavor together.

I usually take a day and mix up a whole bunch of goodness and then freeze it for when I need it. My cost averages out at about $0.07 an ounce- not too shabby!

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