Welcome Home

Well, I am getting back to this way later than I anticipated.

I thought I would get off our cruise ship recharged, fully of energy, and ready to dive headfirst into this blog and my work. But it didn’t.

Instead I felt oddly slow- a perfect mixture of sadness and peace.

I had spent two busy weeks preparing for the in-laws to visit, packing, shopping, working ahead on assignments for school, cleaning, etc. Then I stopped for 7 days. No WiFi, no emails or Facebook. Just hubs and my baby boy- it was glorious, but terrifying. In the midst of one of August’s afternoon naps (a time I would usually use to get something done around the house) I laid there with him, watching a movie with Devon and realized how little time I had spent like this. Not multitasking, not scrolling through Facebook, just resting and watching my baby sleep.

I actively make time for August, but what was lacking was the quality. Holding him while I run around the house or type an essay does not count as quality time. I thought that I was doing good at being a “super mom” and finds no balance- but in the midst of trying so hard to be present I had completely missed the mark. I knew I needed to make changes- that’s why I have taken so long to get back on here.

I don’t have it all worked out yet, but I’m making progress.

I still am working full-time and taking classes full-time, but I also have found time for more important things:

Going to Disney Springs with my family

Watching a movie with my husband

Splashing in the pool before dinner and stripping out of our jammies first thing in the morning to take a dip.

Bath times.

Nap times.

Playing on the floor.

Swinging on the porch.

It’s still a work in progress, but I am striving to be far more present in my daily life.

I will get back to posting on here, but not before I take time for my family.

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