Hitting that Pre-Baby Weight

When I was pregnant with August I weighed myself religiously to see if I was on track with my “target” weight gain. But after I gave birth, not so much.

Initially I was afraid of the scale- I didn’t care to see that the numbers said. Then on day I stepped on the scale and saw 127…not bad! I was feeling pretty confident with my weight and though it was still 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight I really didn’t mind.

I started stepping on the scale more frequently just to kind of check in and see how I was doing and I eventually got to where I was holding a pretty steady 123.

However, a few weeks ago I was feeling pretty bad about myself. I wasn’t liking how my stomach pooched out in my swim suit, my posture was slipping back into its old ways, I was tired, I was bloated, and I was positive I had packed on several pounds. When I was finally ready to face the music I stepped on the scale and that’s when I saw it. 117. My pre-pregnancy weight.

I have always been a proponent of hiding weight-loss by how you feel versus what the scale says and this moment just drove that home. Here I was, not even six months postpartum and achieving the goal of many new moms. But I felt bloated, flabby, and uncomfortable in my body.

We cannot allow ourselves to get so focused on the scale that we loose sight of what really matters. I would rather be strong, healthy, and toned then to simply be able to boast about being back to my pre baby size.

As moms I feel like we need to redefine the “Mom Bod”. We can’t just a to be skinny- not only does it create unhealthy habits and thoughts in our own lives, but what message are we sending to our daughters and other women? Instead of referring to frumpy jeans and fluffy tummies, the Mom Bod should be an image of strength. Moms are strong enough to tote around another human while doing every task, we are fast enough to chase a toddler, we have enough energy to take care of tiny humans, husbands, houses and pets. Skinny is not sexy, strong is. Being comfortable and proud of what your body can do is sexy.

Let’s refresh our ideals of what moms look like! Who’s a strong mom that you look up to?

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