Breastfeeding Bootcamp: What you need to know about pumping!

I am back to work full-time this week after a much needed break over summer.

I went back to work when August was 2 months old. I worked and pumped for five weeks before summer break. Prior to returning to work and during those five weeks I pumped often to boost my board elite low supply, but over summer I have kind of slacked off a little since I could just nurse on demand.

I stayed pumping overnight which helped me to build a 3 month stash- but I don’t want to loose that headway now that I am back at work. Hence, Breastfeeding Bootcamp. I have combined supply boosting foods, supplements, and habits that have been recommended by my lactation specialist to create a daily routine that will get me back into the pumping game.

In this series I will give you an overview of what you need to get started, how to create a schedule, the supplements that were recommended to me, pumping methods, a sample of a supply-boosting meal plan, and how to store and stash!

But first up- how to get it started!

So what do you need to pump successfully? Patience, determination, and a few little tricks!

Here’s are a few things that you need to get started?

A good- quality breast pump. Many insurance companies will cover at least a portion of your breast pump so that is a great place to start. I got a $300 pump and backpack set for only $40 through my insurance.

  • A hands- free pumping bra.
  • A large water bottle.
  • Breast milk Storage Bags

These are the basics- there’s lots of other supplements and snacks that you can add in, but these are the absolute necessities to get started!

Next up- set a schedule. Due to my low supply I have a pretty aggressive schedule that I follow to build my stash and increase my supply. Your schedule can be created based on how much your wanting to pump.

Here’s the schedule I followed at 3 months and also the one I am following now at 6 months:

A few notes on the schedules:

  • You can see my work schedule changed between the two schedules.
  • At six months August is now eating every three hours, but as you can see I have pumping at work scheduled for every two and a half hours. This allows me to slip in an extra session to help build my stash.
  • Figure out what is going to work best you you and what will help you achieve your goals with breastfeeding!
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