Making a “Mom Bag”

The Christmas before August was born my sister got me this super cute zipper pouch that reads “mommy”. Little did I know this would become an invaluable item in my diaper bag. So what is a “mom bag”? Let me show you!

My mom bag keeps all the important things that I would typically have in my purse- chap stick, lip gloss, a perfume roller,  tampons, Tylenol, handsanitizer, hair ties- basically every thing that helps make me feel human. I love this bag because it helps to keep the diaper bag more organized and anything I might want for me is in one central location. Over time I have been able to switch out items ( for example I used to carry nipple balm in this bag, but I no longer need it).

When I am at work it is easy for me to move this little pouch to either a purse or my lunch bag and then on the weekends I can easily put in back in the diaper bag so that I always have what I need.

Honestly, every mamma should have one of these handy dandy little bags. And if you know a mom-to-be this would make a fantastic gift!

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