August’s Five Month Update

I can’t believe my baby boy is five months! Almost half a year! Time needs to slow down, now.

He has changed so much over the past few weeks- he now is 25.5 inches long and weighs 13lbs. His eyes are staring to change from a blue-grey; a little golden ring is starting to form around his pupil. (Just like his daddy.)

He can finally roll over, and he does so all the time. He can almost sit up by himself, but he is still a little bit shaky. He loves interactive toys like rattles, blocks, and his remote control. He giggles all the time and loves playing with his toys.

He’s started to explore more of the world around him- splashing in the pool and tub, feeling our faces and hair, petting the dogs. I love watching his constant look of awe.

We started solid foods! Skipped rice cereal and went straight to avocados. He has now had avocado, banana, prunes, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, apples and pears! He love every food so far, but we will see how the green beans go over.

He loves going to Disney, especially Typhoon Lagoon and Animal Kingdom.

He cuddles more than any other baby I have known.

He coos and talks almost more than his momma.

He is an amazing little boy that puts light in every moment of my day.

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