Let it go…

Do you ever feel just stuck? Like you can’t seem to get out of the same ditch you’ve been in for what feels like forever? You try everything you can, but always end up in the exact same place?

It is beyond frustrating. It’s discouraging.

And if I’m honest, it’s where I have been for a while.

I feel like no matter what I try, how hard I work, what outlook I have I just can’t get past this phase. When we find ourselves in these spots we can become so overwhelmed and discouraged. And if you already are struggling with depression or anxiety and can be down right debilitating. But as mothers and wives, we must press on. We know that deep in our hearts. We know we have to keep moving forward and we have to keep the hope alive, but how?

As I face these times I keep coming back to Romans 15:13:

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

I am not capable of having all the answers. I am not capable of being a constant smile. It is too much for me to put on myself. As women and especially moms we do often feel the need to be the fixer. We desire so deeply to be able to fix all of the issues and supply all the needs, and when we can’t we feel like failures. But this verse tells me something different.

This verse says I’m off the hook! I don’t have to create joy, I don’t have to have the answers- al I have to do is trust in God and he will restore my hope. I do not have to be the source of hope- He is! What a relief!

So often I try to fix my own problems and many times I have had to be reminded that I am not able. Why is t that we try and take on that burden? I’m not sure really, maybe because I want to be strong- to prove my worth. But all it does is tear me down. I have to learn to let go.

Let go of the worries. Let go of the uncertainty. Let go of the fear. They are consuming and destroying my and my relationships.

I have to learn to simply have faith- to let go and let Gods will unfold even if it didn’t look like what I thought it would.

His promise stands clear, when I let go but of all my burdens I will be filled with hope and joy! I will be overflowing with confidence and contentment.

So here is my challenge for you- let go of what’s holding you back. Let go of you ur insecurities. Quite the voice that says you are not good enough. Deny the fear and worries- don’t give them a home. Let it all go and have faith in a God that is bigger than this moment in your life. Find peace in Him and rest assured that He will see you through.

Then, pass it on. Let someone else know how to be released from the duty of being perfect- letting go.

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