How to keep Baby from Breaking the Bank

When we got pregnant with August we didn’t have a baby fund and we hadn’t made any financial changes in preparation for pregnancy. It became really important for us to try and make the most of our paychecks and we have actually learned some really great ways to save and even EARN money during pregnancy and beyond.

Dreaming Of YouMidwife Delivery and Care

I will forever petition for more births to take place under the care of a midwife, however there is actually a great financial benefit from a midwife birth. The average hospital delivery ranges between $18,000 -$27,000 before insurance with prenatal care costing an average of $2,000. Though these numbers are ugh insurance your still looking at around $4,000- $6,000 after insurance. Prenatal care and delivery cost are around $2,000 if you go through a midwife- that’s a pretty big chunk of change.

Get Smart with the Registry

The worst thing you can do is put a ton of stuff on the registry that you don’t need. Be smart, pick the things that are really important- the car seat, crib, bottles. This will encourage people to buy what you need and won’t leave you footing the bill for necessities.


There are some cases where breastfeeding is not an option- however, if possible breastfeeding is literally FREE food for your little. If formula is the way you need to go ask about programs that can help cover the cost, cause the price on that stuff is no joke.

Couponing Apps

These baby’s are my favorite! The ones I use the most are Ibotta and Checkout 51. I have earned over $40 in the last three months just from grocery shopping. Simply search for rewards, save the offer you want to use then redeem them with a scan of your receipt. I do a lot of shopping at Aldo which is not featured as a store selection on the app so I don’t make as much in rewards, but I have friends with over $800! These rewards can get turned into gift cards for groceries or even Amazon. I’ve used reward to buy nursing scarfs, bouncy seats, and I am currently saving up my point for a new mattress!

Cloth Diapers

Okay, so this one is typically a hard sell but hear me out. Cloth diapers have come a LONG way since our parents time. With tons of different options out there it’s actually pretty easy to find a style that is suitable to your needs. Your first year of disposable diapers will cost you around $750- ouch. Not ready to commit to full cloth? Do what we did! On the days we are just hanging out at home- cloth diaper! When we need to head out- disposable! This makes it easy to care for the diapers and doesn’t add any additional steps when out and about. I’ve already saved around $200 in diaper cost, maybe cloth diapers are so crazy after all.

Homemade Baby Food

This one is huge! August just recently started eating solids and I knew I wanted to put only the best into his baby belly, so I decided to make my own. I went on a mission to buy organic fruits and veggies and ended up with over 3-months with the of food for $25. Just a little bit of time can save you big if the food department.

Thrift Stores

Finally, thrift stores. My husband and I shop for ourselves at thrift stores all the time and I’m usually quite proud of our ability to dress for less, but when it came to buying used for baby it made me feel weak. Like I wasn’t providing enough for him, I had to get past this mental block- he is clothed, fed, and loved and the bottom line is that he didn’t know or care where his clothes came from, all he knows is how much I love him. We have bought toys, infant carriers, clothes and shoes from children’s thrift stores. Just the other day I bought a jacket, two shirt, two pairs of pants, and two pairs of shoes for only $25 dollars. And guess what? None of the item even looked used! Shopping smart doesn’t mean your not a good mama!

What are some of the ways that you save on baby?

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