Root Canals and Gratitude

Life has been getting a little crazy here lately! We have been juggling dentist appointments (oh joy), doctors appointments, and getting ready to go back to work. It’s been tough in all honesty.

I work at a school so the summertime was supposed to be this great thing filled with family days and date nights, but it hasn’t. We have had one thing after another crop up.

First, we got into a car accident. Thankfully no one was hurt, no one but our front bumper. Then our dog got hurt so it was off to the vet. And to the vet again. And again. And now we have special baths to give and toe nails falling off. ( isn’t that just lovely?) I have been up to my eye balls in school- I took a break after I completed my Associates degree to have August, but now I’m back at it and taking accelerated courses to earn my degree faster.

Next up I went to the dentist for one filling only to come out needing two root canals. Joy. Go to get that done and find out I have a rare gene thanks to my Native American ancestry that makes my tours c-shaped- so the success of the root canal is considered “questionable” and will require six visits. SIX. Oh, and my doctor believes I have Postpartum Anxiety.

One thing. After. Another.

It’s hard not to get discouraged, but please don’t think I am complaining. I’m just being real with you. This is life. This summer did not go as planned, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t good moments. I got to take my baby to Disney and to the pool. I got endless cuddles. I got giggles and smiles and got to see him learn to roll over. The good comes with the bad, it’s up to us what we focus on.

It’s hard when we feel surrounded by obstacles. We’re supposed to be saving money for a house and over the summer we just built up more debt instead. It can feel like we fight so hard only to end up in the same place. But maybe this is exactly where you are supposed to be.

This wasn’t the summer I planned, but I feel like God has been using it to teach me a few lessons- some of which He has to keep teaching me.

I’m learning to trust His timing in all things. I’m learning my own value and I am being shaped into the type of mother He desires me to be. I am learning patience, restraint, and humility. And above all I am learning to have gratitude and joy in every moment.

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