Going Back to Work After Baby

As the summer is drawing to a close its time for me to start getting ready to go back to work. I work at a school so after August was born I took my maternity leave and then returned to school for five weeks- then it was summertime!

I won’t say that last time was easy, but I was able to just count down those weeks knowing that soon I would be home with him again.

Last school year my husband was also on night shifts so he stayed with August the majority of the day, which meant he was only at childcare for about 3 hours before I was off of work. There were a lot of things going in my favor last year, but now we are headed back to work with Devon on dayshift and me trying not to have a nervous breakdown.

It’s important to prepare yourself and baby for your return to work- these tips will help make the transition smoother and easier on you both!

Find a Child Care Provider that you trust.

The number one thing that will make going back to work a little easier is knowing that your baby is being well taken care of. There are a lot of childcare options out there from daycares to grandparents, consider all of your options and do your research. I have seen so many parents place their child in a care center because of the price or first impression only to later pull the child due to lack of care. Take plenty of time to plan ahead so you can properly look at your options and pick the best fit for you an baby.

I am fortunate in that I have a friend who watches infants out of her home. She keeps a clean house, only accepts a certain number of infants, and only watches children within a certain age range. I am fully confident that August gets the attention and care that he needs- having this security makes dropping little man off loads easier!

Work out the schedule.

To make the transition easier on your little one try to ease them into the new schedule. Know what time your going to be waking up for work, two weeks ahead of time start waking up at that time and feeding baby. This will make it easier on your baby and your caregiver. It also allows you to be specific about feeding and nap times. You might have to take several days to observe when your baby is wanting to nap and eat, by going ahead and getting them on the right schedule it really is easier on everyone involved- plus it will make your morning routine more efficient when you head back to work.

Get a jumpstart on daily preparations.

Do not wait until the day you go back to work to start preparing your babies meals, it will just cause you stress. If you will be pumping start a few weeks early so you can build a small stash. Sometimes when you go from nursing to pumping your supply takes a dip, starting to pump the extra after your baby eats will help keep this from happening.

If you plan on making you baby’s food go ahead and purée your fruits and veggies then freeze them in individual servings so it’s easy to grab and go.

Enjoy your time with baby.

The most important thing is to cherish your time with your baby. Don’t get so caught up in what needs to be done. Don’t get stressed about leaving your little one. Just be present and hold them while they nap. Spoil them with cuddles and kisses. Make every second matter.

Leaving your little one for work is hard. Probably the hardest. But you are a boss babe. You are providing for your family and working towards giving your little one the best life. You can do it Momma!

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