Fit2B Review

Fit2B is a workout system designed for new moms or those who struggle with abdominal trauma such as diastasis reti (abdominal separation, often caused by pregnancy). System is probably the wrong term for Fit2B, it is more of a workout community!

Here’s the low down:


Unlike a lot of other workout programs it is not a onetime cost; instead you can pick from a variety of memberships.

Monthly Membership:

$14.99 a month with a one time activation fee of $24.

This gives you access to all 200+ tummy sage videos with everything from yoga flows to kick boxing. It also has a Facebook group and several e-courses you can participate in.

1-Year Membership

$139 for an entire year

You get everything that comes with the monthly membership but have no activation fee. This price saves you about $65.

Premium Membership

$189 for your first year then only $99 to renew every year past that first year.

This membership includes EVERYTHING. All the videos plus extra classes and challenges from the Sugar Free challenge to an expert course on diastasis recti.


While my gap did not close as much as I was hoping I have gained back a lot of functionality of my core. I feel stronger and leaner. I have started auto-correcting my posture and I feel way more confident. I can tell my fascia (the tissue that binds my abs together) is stronger.

I went from weighing 126lbs to 123lbs and my waist measurement went from 32.5 inches to 27 inches…not bad!

How I liked the Program:

I really did enjoy using Fit2b. Beth is an amazing educator and I learned so much about how to better use my body. Her spirit of self-live shows through in all her videos and is contagious.

The videos were diverse which made it easy to find ones that fit my needs and my routine with a newborn. Honestly there was a lot of content I never got to explore and if it weren’t for wanting to see what other systems are out there for new moms I would stay with Fit2b for a long time!

Who it’s good for:

Anyone with a diastasis or pelvic floor issue, new mommas, and soon-to-be mommas! Beth’s pre-natal and postpartum guides are ah-mazing. Perfect for preparing your body for labor and showing it some love after the baby is born. The videos are so gentle that it is really therapeutic for all the mommas out there.

Before and After:

These are my before and after shots of my progress using Fit2b.

The pictures on the left were taken on April 11th, 2018 and the right set of pictures was taken on July 11th, 2018- a three month difference.

Core Engaged

Sign up to start your transformation HERE!

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