Little one…

The moment I first saw you time stood still- I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t cry tears of joy, I was just in absolute awe as to how perfect you were. I placed you on my chest and it felt like my heart started beating for the very first time. Your dad looked so proud of you, proud of us, and it that moment everything in the world was just right.

Everyday your growing so fast. Part of my heart aches for my little one from yesterday. Part of my heart can hardly contain the excitement I have for everything you will do in this life. You are learning so much and I can only hope that I am equipped to teach you about this life.

I want you to learn how to be kind an brave. I want you to be compassionate to other and to stand up for what is right. As I think of everything I want you to be, I start becoming a different person myself. How are you to learn patience if not from me? How are you to learn courage if I am not courageous? You make me more than what I was. I am a mother.

Mother. That word carries so much weight now. I have a new respect for my own parents, how on earth did they figure this whole parenthood thing out? Sometimes I feel like I am so unprepared, so ill-equipped; then you give me a smile and I realize I am everything I need to be.

I feel like my heart has physically grown- it had to to carry all of my love. I feel my love for you radiating though my entire body as if my sole purpose is to love you. Only now do I truly understand unconditional love, there is no other possible choice be to love you for ever no matter what. I can only hope that I will always let you know how much I love you. I will always be there to protect you and cheer you on. I am your biggest fan already and I always will be.

There is so much to do a never ending list. But today I promise to give you an extra kiss, hold you a little longer, listen to you babies and giggle along with you. Time passes so quickly, but we will make the most of every second.

Your awake now little one, so off we go to play.

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