Treat Yourself

We all know that mom. The one who looks flawless even after claiming she’s been up all night with her kid. Her hair is done, nails freshly painted, heck her clothes are even ironed! Meanwhile, you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair and are “recycling” the makeup you had on a week ago.

Trust me I have been there. One time I ran into my gorgeous midwife, who stays up all night deliver babies while managing four of her own, while wearing my husband pajamas. And while she didn’t bat an eye I was pretty sure I was slowly dying inside.

We live in a society where we are encouraged to splurge on ourselves and are expected to present ourselves a certain way. And when we don’t we beat ourselves up because we aren’t good enough. We scroll through Facebook and Instagram looking enviously upon those moms who look like they have it all together and all the while we feel like we’re loosing ourselves slowly but surely.

I see you Momma. We’ve all been there. But how can we end this cycle? Treat yourself.

Those dishes that are piling up? Leave them. That laundry that has been in the dryer for three days? Forget it. The clutter on the counter, the mail that’s piling up, the list of things you feel have to be done…ignore every single one of them. Instead ask your hubby to hold the little one while you take a shower. Take your time: shampoo, condition, use a salt scrub, shave, even! Trust your hisbands got it under control. For so long I would hear August cry and rush out to grab him until one day Devon looked at me and said, ” I can take care of him. I am a parent, too. Go take your shower.”


I am not the only one that can hold and comfort a tired baby?

We try so hard to be everything for our little one. And it’s not bad! I love being there to encourage him, comfort him, play with him. But what kind of mom, of wife, will I be if I allow myself to take care of him and I neglect myself and my husband?

You are a person too. And you deserve to be clean and to eat and to have time to decompress! And if you take some time to step back and breathe a little you’ll find that you can be more present for your baby. Give yourself a break. Let yourself be a priority.

Treat yourself to Dad taking baby for 30 minuets. Treat yourself to a television show after baby goes to sleep. Treat yourself to a bubble bath.

You deserve it momma and you will be better for it.

One thought on “Treat Yourself

  1. Motherhood is really overwhelming that some days we just need a break to rest, breathe and be our own person. A simple uninterrupted shower, an hour of sleep or a new haircut may seem trivial to others but its the kind of things we need to treat ourselves. I feel you mommy and remember you cannot pour from an empty cup. Have a great day😊


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