Root Canals and Gratitude

Life has been getting a little crazy here lately! We have been juggling dentist appointments (oh joy), doctors appointments, and getting ready to go back to work. It’s been tough in all honesty. I work at a school so the summertime was supposed to be this great thing filled with family days and date nights,Continue reading “Root Canals and Gratitude”

Sunday Morning Cheesecake Danish

I’m a sucker for any type of pastry or danish, but they look so complicated to make right? Wrong! I have a super simple recipe that uses pre-made puff pastry. These pretty braided danishes are great for sunday morning breakfast or an dessert with coffee. Added bonus they make you look fancy! Ingredients: Pepperidge FarmContinue reading “Sunday Morning Cheesecake Danish”

Going Back to Work After Baby

As the summer is drawing to a close its time for me to start getting ready to go back to work. I work at a school so after August was born I took my maternity leave and then returned to school for five weeks- then it was summertime! I won’t say that last time wasContinue reading “Going Back to Work After Baby”

How to Baby-Proof Your Marriage

Lack of sleep, long nights with nothing but tears, feeling like you have no idea what your doing, Having a baby changes the dynamic of many relationships, but probably the most effected relationship: your marriage. My husband and I had been married for less than year when we found out that we were pregnant withContinue reading “How to Baby-Proof Your Marriage”

When it’s more than just Worry: Postpartum Anxiety

I have postpartum anxiety. Those words feel foreign as I type them. Over the past month I have been struggling to figure out exactly how this defines me, what dies this mean for me as a mother? While I have yet to come up with very many answers I felt it was important to goContinue reading “When it’s more than just Worry: Postpartum Anxiety”

What’s in My Diaper Bag: Newborn-3 Months

What you need in your diaper bag changes as your baby grows, here’s a look inside my diaper bag when August was a newborn. 10 Diapers Package of wipes Diaper changing mat Mylicon Gas Relief drops Gripe Water First aid kit: nail clippers, bandaids, thermometer, and Tylenol for mom A set of clean clothes andContinue reading “What’s in My Diaper Bag: Newborn-3 Months”

Fit2B Review

Fit2B is a workout system designed for new moms or those who struggle with abdominal trauma such as diastasis reti (abdominal separation, often caused by pregnancy). System is probably the wrong term for Fit2B, it is more of a workout community! Here’s the low down: Cost: Unlike a lot of other workout programs it isContinue reading “Fit2B Review”

Troubleshooting Breastfeeding

If you are having any trouble nursing please contact a lactation specialist. You can find one here. Starting a good and strong nursing relationship with your newborn will be vital to their development, any questions or concerns you have would be gladly answered by a specialist. I by no means am a lactation specialist, IContinue reading “Troubleshooting Breastfeeding”