Traveling with Baby: Free apps for on the go!

Traveling with babies is no joke- but it didn’t have to be as hard as we make it in our minds.

Planning the trip around little one’s schedule can help the journey go more smoothly- but it never hurt to have some extra help! There are TONS of apps out there for traveling with or without kids-, I’ve narrowed it down to the ones I find the most useful.


Waze is a map and traffic app that is great for big road trips as well as for weekend outings. Users contribute to the app by noting traffic, accidents, and speed traps. We use Waze to anticipate traffic and our arrival time. If we see traffic up a head we can make a stop with baby before we get stuck for 30 minuets. Waze also allows you to search for near-by restaurants and gas stations which is useful when your trying to find a place to take a break.


Roadtrippers is similar to Waze as it is a mapping system. I don’t like to use Roadtrippers to navigate the trip, rather I use it to plan the route. Roadtrippers allows you to search for stops along the way. You can search for food, roadside attractions, or even parks for the kiddos to stretch their legs. Unfortunately, it does not list state rest stops.

Glow Baby

Glow Baby is a tracking app for your baby- you can track meal times, diapers, naps, etc. I loved this app right after August was born to help me track when he was feeding; on road trips I use it to sort of predict what’s next. I can see how long it’s been since he fed or had a diaper change and plan out stops on the fly.


Don’t you hate pulling over at what looks like a reasonable stop only to find the the restroom looks like a scene off of CSI? Flush helps you find restrooms that are near you and also gives them a rating as to how well they are unkept- a life saver for sure!

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