Baby’s First Cold

So a couple of weeks ago August got his first cold. I was feeling pretty proud of myself cause he had yet to succumb to any illnesses, but just shy of four months he woke up congested and grumpy.

Baby Colds are hard, let me tell you. Your little one is so miserable, yet there is very little you can do to make them feel better.

Not wanting to rush off to the doctor, we stuck it out at home. I found some tricks and products to help soothe him and keep him comfortable until it worked it’s way out of his system. These are just a few things that helped him stay comfy, his cold was mild. I am not a trained medical professional- if you are concerned about your babies health call your pediatrician ASAP!

Colds will naturally run their course in 7-10 days, just like in adults. We just have to treat the symptoms to keep babe comedy and monitor them closely to make sure nothing else is going on.

Here’s how we touched it out:


Nurse, nurse, and nurse some more. August usually only eats at regular feeding times, but when he’s feeling a little off I make special time to nurse him. Basically whenever baby will latch, let them. Breast milk offers rich nutrients and antibodies to help your little one fight off any bugs they may have. Bonus is that being skin to skin with mommy help regulate temperature, heartbeat, and lets baby sleep sounder.

August had a little trouble nursing at first due to the congestion. I started nursing him in more upright positions and it helped immensely.

Warm Baths

Warm baths or showers help soothe the congestion from colds. In the mornings and evenings I would take little bit into either a bath or a shower with me. He would also sit in on Daddy’s showers to breathe in the steam. It helps de-stuff their little noses and also soothe and relaxes them. Added bonus- more skin to skin time!


As much as possible, help the little one sleep. I held him a lot during naps when he was sick. By holding him I was able to position him more upright which made it easier for him to breathe and sleep soundly. Plus, snuggles never hurt.


We know essential oils can helps us feel better, but did you know that they help baby too? They sure do! When using oils in baby be VERY careful to use high quality oils and dilute them properly. DO YOUR RESEARCH on what oils are appropriate for infants.

One way to safely use oils is to place them in a humidifier. The humidity will help with congestion and baby can breathe in the soothing oils.

To take the guesswork out of using oils try using oil logic which is an essential oil. Designed specifically for use on infants oil logic is pre-deluded so it is safe for baby. The packaging states what age the oil is appropriate for. I used the Soothing Baby oil which features lavender and chamomile this help August settle down when it was time for naps or when he was fussy from the congestion.


When nothing else seemed to be working I finally started giving him some Tylenol.

I followed the dosage recommended by my doctor. If your little one gets to where you feel medicine is needed, call your pediatrician to see what they feel is the best. I gave him the Tylenol only when I felt it was necessary, like before bed.

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