Traveling with a Baby: Packing

The idea of packing baby up for a trip is one that honestly terrifies me. I dread it and want to procrastinate the process as long as possible, all the while my anxiety builds making me want to get it done. right. now.

This time around I took the pressure off by creating a checklist of what little man needs. (You can download the fully editable checklist below!) I also developed a system to help me pack more efficiently without as much worrying.


First things first, I write out exactly what I think I will need. Then I start assembling the items starting with gear. Gear usually take up the most space and is the most brainless to collect so I go ahead and get those out of the way. Then I tackle the trip bag.

Trip Bag

A trip bag is basically a glorified diaper bag- it contained everything you need for the trip there. What goes in the trip bag will be determined by the form of travel you are taking. For plane rides the diaper bag is usually sufficient. For longer car rides I usually pack in a seat organizer so that everything is radially assessable. Think extra clothes, diapers, any medicines or toys needed, and don’t forget whatever baby needs for meal times! Now on to the clothes!


I first gather an outfit for each day, then I gather extras for diaper leaks and any other baby related crisis. I try to bring one extra per day. I pack one pair of jammies for every two days, plus one extra for the trip overall. Don’t forget socks, shoes and any special items specific to the trip such as a swimsuit or jacket.


This is one the easier category for me because August it’s still only nursing. Just grab some bottles, the pump, storage bags, and cooler and we’re good to go!


Any baby monitors or portable cribs you need for baby to sleep safely and soundly. On trips I really try to minimize what we pack, so I ditch the video monitor and just stick to the Snuza, pack n play, and a Bluetooth speaker to play white noise.


August doesn’t play with many toys yet so I just pack the few he is interested in, his favorite blanket and some links to keep him entertained.

Hygiene and Medicine

I hate having to pack this stuff! I always get so nervous about not being a needed item- cue the list. I just write down everything we would use in a typical week, asses whether or not we do in fact need to take all of it l, then I get to packing!

Just whenever you do- don’t forget the diapers and wipes!

Once I have all my stuff gathered I check it off the list and pack it up. I usually pack his clothes and a few other items in my bag, then I pack whatever remains in the diaper bag (since many items normally found in the diaper bag are now in the trip bag)

What are your tricks for packing up your littles?

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