Baby Gear: Snuza Hero Review

When it came to registering for a baby monitor Devon and I had a hard time agreeing on what to get. I desperately wanted to comfort provided  by the Owlet baby monitor system, but my husband was concerned about the price of the system. After finally coinciding that we did not have it in our budget for an Owlet, I started to look into other baby monitor systems that would track breathing, heartbeat, etc.

After a lot of searching I finally found my winner- the Snuza wearable baby monitor.

The Snuza Hero monitor clips onto the front of baby’s diaper. It has a soft silicone tip that is sensitive to the movement of baby’s abdomen allowing it to track breathing movements.

The main feature of this monitor is the rouse and wake alarms. If your baby stops breathing for 15 seconds, the monitor will vibrate in an attempt to rouse baby and get him to take a breath. If the rouse does not return baby to his normal breathing pattern within 5 seconds a shrill alarm will sound. There is also a setting so that the monitor makes a chirping sound whenever baby breaths.


The chirping feature gave me great peace as a new momma. I could wake up in the middle of the night and hear his breathing patterns, which helped take the edge off of my new momma anxiety.

The battery is long lasting- we just now replaced it after almost 4 months of use.


The alarm is only load enough to be heard if you are in the room. However, if being used in conjunction with a baby monitor that transmits sound, you would be able to be out of the room.

We struggled at first to get it fitted onto his diaper correctly- this led to a lot of false alarms.

Overall, I love this system. It gives me the peace of mind so that I can rest easier. Though this monitor helps by alerting you to trouble with baby’s breathing it does not replace Mother’s intuition. Many doctors are hesitant to back baby monitor such as these due to that fact that parents sometimes think it will eliminate the risk of SIDS. It is only a preventative measure, you must still be vigilant to follow all of your pediatricians recommendations for safe sleeping. While it can help take the edge off of you anxiety, a level of concern is healthy and can help keep you more aware about baby’s safety. The bottom line is that you can not fully rely on it to prevent SIDS, but it can help your comfort level.

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