DIY- Newborn Footprint Canvas

Since August was born at a birth center, we did not get the traditional inks of his newborn footprints. Knowing we would not be getting these, I planned for a little postpartum arts and crafts session.


What you need:

Canvas or Canvas Paper (I used the canvas paper, it comes in a pad and is found in the sketchbook section of the craft store. It has a very nice texture and works well if you are wanting to frame your print.)

Brush Marker

Washable Ink Pad (We learned the hard way that you need to check to ensure it is washable. Needless to say August showed up for his next doctors appointment with ink in his toes.)

unnamed (1)

It took three people to wrangle little mans feet onto the canvas. I would suggest doing a couple of test runs and having planting of baby wipes on hand. After a few practice runs place each foot on the lower half of the canvas and as centered as possible. Set this aside to dry while you clean up your little one’s tootsies.

After your footprints are dry use the thick brushed end to write baby’s name at the top of the canvas (again, you may want to practice this a few times first.) Next, write your baby’s Birthday, Weight, and Height at the the bottom of the canvas.

Tada! Now you have a keepsake and some great memories for your little one.

What is your favorite project you have done with your kids?

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