The Best Free Apps for the Pregnant Momma

There are 1,001 apps out there for pregnant women. Some help track your health while other offer stickers for those cute pictures of your growing bump. Here are a few of my favorites from when I was pregnant with August:

The Bump

This app give week by week progress on your little ones development. Size comparisons for your baby are given via cute fruits and veggies as well as details about what going on with mom and baby. Other articles related to where you are at in your pregnancy can also be useful when you start noticing new symptoms or are wanting to know what to expect from your next check up.

What to Expect

Similar to The Bump, What to Expect offers day by day updates on baby’s development and size. I liked having several of these apps cause I found that they each offered different information. What to Expect has been the lead resource for prevent women since our moms were giving birth so I liked having this app on hand to look up anything I was curious about.

Nurture by Glow

I actually discovered this app after delivery, but I am honestly excited to use it next time around. You can track weight, sleep, water, cervix positioning, fundal height and more through the daily log (which will come in handy during those Dr visits when your mind goes blank). This would be a great alternative to the FitBit app as it has many of the same qualities, but is specifically geared towards your pregnancy.


I have a FitBit that I eldest daily so I used the app to track my weight, water intake, and steps. I wasn’t concerned about watching my weight, I was just wanting to stay on a healthy track. By seeing my steps and water I was able to remind myself to stay active and hydrated. If you don’t have a FitBit there are other apps that will track your steps and water sub as MyFitnessPal.


Yet another baby tracker! I liked BabyCenter because it gave more realistic images as to how Baby was developing. I feel the articles it offered were also more medical or health based versus some of those that were on The Bump.

WebMD Pregnancy

Though this app also has the baby tracking feature it’s main draw is the Doctor approved articles, quizzes, and advice. Any concerns about what you can or can not do while pregnant can be answered by this app and you know it is a trustworthy source. Having this on hand help ease some of my anxieties while pregnant.


When all else fails take to Pinterest! From dream boards of nursery decor and baby showers to pregnancy or postpartum advice Pinterest is a great resource. Blogs, articles, ideas, and links to baby gear are all easily accessible via a quick search. Plus you can actually save your ideas or important links so that when your Mom Brain kicks in you can go back and take a second look.

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