My Top Pregnancy Google Searches

You know that person that uses WebMD to diagnose themselves with cancer every other week? Yeah, that’s me. I take to the internet and scavenge for the answers to any and all of my wonderings- this definitely intensified during pregnancy. Here are some of the things that I searched the most:

1. How to get rid of morning sickness.

I plan on writing a more detailed post later telling exactly what I used to manage my morning sickness, but for now I’ll share some of the top results. Food and water-exactly what I didn’t want while puking my guts out. What I learned is that if I was able to stay hydrated and keep something on my stomach I was able to keep the nausea at bay. While I was often still not feeling well, a snack first thing in the morning helped to keep my from upchucking about 75% of the time- I’ll take it.

2. When will I feel the baby? What does it feel like when the baby moves?

I felt my little guy flipping around at 16 weeks, which is earlier than many other mommies. For first time moms it is more likely to feed the baby move in weeks 22-25. It felt like someone was flicking me from the inside. The first time I felt my baby move it didn’t feel like magic- it startled me and quite honestly was a very weird experience. Over time I grew to love that little thump-thump.

3. How to prevent stretch marks.

Internet says- you can’t really prevent them. Regardless I slathered palmers stretch mark massage lotion on my belly daily and managed to avoid any marks on my belly. Whether it is genetics or the magic of coco butter is not clear.

4. Will stretch marks fade?

You know where I didn’t slather lotion? My backside. When the first three little marks appears I cried (I was hormonal, okay). I then proceeded to check my backside in the mirror on the daily- embarrassing, but let’s be honest, I was really freaked out by them! After a baby tore through my body the stretch marks really didn’t seem to be as life-shattering as I thought they were. Supposedly they start to fade after 6-12 months. As of right now they aren’t as bright as they once were, but I’ll keep you updated to the state of my striped behind.

5. Will breastfeeding ruin my boobs?

Vain, again, but these are the things that run through all of our heads! This is yet to be determined and the internet has some really conflicting (and depressing) answers. Here’s my advice- don’t worry about it. The bounding you get from feeding your baby is well worth it. I am working to incorporate weighted chest exercises to help support the girls and hopefully stop them from being too weird later in life. Honestly though, this will be the least of your concerns once you see you little ones sweet face.

6. Will labor hurt?

Yes, girl.

7. How to induce labor.

I tried so hard to induce labor- even before my official due date (guilty.) I never found a magic trick, but I did something’s that I definitely feel helped and also helped with making my labor easier. Red raspberry leaf tea and prime rose oil were what I used and after a week and a half little bear made his appearance.

8. How do I know I am going into labor?

From 36 weeks on every twinge brought the thought “Am I going into labor?” to my mind. I was so concerned about being able to identify early signs of labor and decipher whether or not it was false labor. To be honest the only answer I have for this is consistency. I never experienced false labor and I hardly had Braxton Hicks. The day I went into labor I had mild Braxton Hicks throughout the day- the most I had ever had, but I didn’t realize I was in labor until I started having mild contractions at 5:00 that were consistently happening every 30 minuets. I couldn’t tel if it was false labor until they didn’t stop and continued to get closer together. Labor is so individual that it is hard to set a standard which you can judge by. All I have to say is that you will know when it’s time.

9. How to tell if it is a boy or a girl.

I tried every midwives tale and took every quiz to try and discover if baby would be a boy or a girl. I would get different answers from different people and was really left guessing up until the day we went in for the ultrasound. However, I do have to say that the Chinese gender calendar was correct. My friend also used this calendar to successfully conceive a baby girl. Next pregnancy I look forward to seeing if it is accurate.

10. How long does it take to loose the baby weight.

Prior to giving birth I was very concerned with what my body would be like after August was born- now, not so much. While I have had to struggle with my self-image I have gotten to a really good place. Because I only gained the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy I was down to only 10lbs above my original weight within 10 days. After another week or so I now am only about 6lbs above my pre-baby weight. The best thing you can do is nurse and rest! Your body will do the rest.

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