Must Have for the Nursing Momma

My breastfeeding journey got off to a rocky start, but there are several items that I adore that have made it so much easier!

 Bamboobies Nursing Shawl


This nursing cover is amazing! I had bought a cover that was more in the style of a scarf, but I use this one way more. It’s large enough that I can nurse anywhere without worrying about flashing anyone. It also provides UV protection for your little one.


I love my Nurselet- it makes a great little gift for any new momma. The nurselet can be worn around your wrist and then used to hold your shirt up and out of baby’s way when he’s trying to grub.

 Soft Nursing Bras

Screenshot (453)

These bras are my absolute favorite. The are soft with no underwire, but the have ample padding and offer support much like a sports bra would. I never feel like the girls are looking frumpy with these bras. The cups are soft enough that they easily can be folded down and pushed out of baby’s way when it is time to nurse. My only complaint is that the straps are a little thick and don’t stay hidden under all my shirts and tanks.

 Mother’s Milk Tea


This tea has a very particular taste, kind of like licorice. It sounds a little weird and even smells a little weird, but I do actually enjoy it. I put just a little flavored cream in mine and enjoy two cups a day. This tea contains herbs that are very important to your milk production so I like to make a habit out of drinking it. I but it in bulk from Amazon and save roughly $6.

 Glass Water Bottle


When you are nursing everyone tells you to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate; however, I never realized how important it was until I started pumping and could see my milk output. If I don’t get enough to drink my supply instantly starts dropping. Not only is this water bottle cute, but it features a straw that can be locked- great for when other little hands are near by. I don’t know why but if it has a straw I will drink more. I think it’s easier when your hands are busy with baby.

Boppy Pillow

Screenshot (452)

The famous Boppy Pillow. I thought these things were way overrated and ended up buying a knock off brand- please dont make the same mistake! Boppy brand has just the right amount of firmness to allow both you and baby to be comfortable while nursing. It is just the right height and fits comfortably around momma’s belly. The cover is also removable so you can easily wash it whenever the need arises.

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