Diastasis Recti- 12 Week Postpartum Update

It’s been six weeks past my postpartum check-up where I was diagnosed with separation of the abdominal muscles, a condition called Diastasis Recti. After that appointment I envisioned myself finding a program and hitting it hard resulting in a huge improvement in my abs by this point in time.

But I actually have a life. I am a real mom with a full time job, a two month old, and a husband. My schedule starts at 5:00am and does not let up till around 8:30 at night by which point I lack much motivation. So I haven’t been able to spend every waking moment engaging my core, but I have made some improvements that I am very proud of!

I started exploring the workouts on Fit2B using a monthly membership which only cost $14.99 a month and gives you access to over 200 workout videos that are all safe for those suffering from abdominal trauma. I began with their Foundational Five pathway that lays out the basic breathing and core engagement cues that are used throughout the site. I watched these videos the first week and towed the end was pairing them to make little mini workouts. The past two weeks I have been exploring the Beginning Pathway and the Postpartum Pathway.

Though I haven’t been as consistent as I had hoped, I can still tell a huge difference in my core strength and posture. When I began my “engaged core” was mostly just the very center of my belly, now I can feel the muscles all around my torso contract. Now the fun part- Before and after stats!

Fit2B has you log your weight, core measurement when relaxed and when engaged, DR depth, and DR width at the top, middle, and lower portions of your abdomen.

On April 11th I weighed 126.6 lbs. My core measurement was 32.5″ and 30″ when engaged. My upper abs were separated by 2 fingers width and was 1 knuckle deep, middle separation was  2.5-3 fingers width and 1 knuckle deep, and my lower abs were separated by fingers width and was knuckle deep. Overall, I had pretty consistent separation down the entirety of my abs.

Today, one month later, I weigh 127 lbs. My core measurement was 30.5″ and 29.75″ when engaged. My upper abs were separated by 2 fingers width and was .5 knuckle deep, middle separation was 2.75 fingers width and .5 knuckle deep, and my lower abs were separated by 2 fingers width and was .75 knuckle deep.

Here are the pictures:

These are when my core is not engaged with one months difference.

This is with my core engaged.

I am disappointed that my weight went up, but I am trying not to focus on the scale. Scales lie and you are so much better going off how you look and feel, but it is definitely hard not to get stuck on the numbers. I am happy with my measurements- it’s good to know that even though I didn’t feel like I was doing “enough” I am making progress!

I can’t wait to hit it hard this next month and see the progress I can make!

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