August’s 3 Month Update

Baby A has reached the three month mark which means that to many he is no longer considered a newborn! (My heart just squeezed a little having to write that- how is he already three months old?!)

He weighs 11lbs now and is 23 long. He is still wearing newborn clothes along with a few 3m. His little legs are so long the newborn pants are starting to look like high-waters, but he can’t fill out the 3m size yet.

He has not rolled over yet, but he holds his head and shoulders up like a champ! He is a very happy baby and smiles and laughs all the time. Over the last two weeks we have noticed a huge difference in the amount he vocalizes. He eats 5oz every two hours during the day and only wakes up once per night to feed. He sleeps in a crib beside our bed and is pretty good at soothing himself to sleep with just a little help from Daddy.

I’m and so excited by all the changes we are seeing in him. I love interacting with him and sharing smiles and cuddles, but it is so hard watching him change from my little newborn to looking like a little man.

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