The Best Free Apps for the Pregnant Momma

There are 1,001 apps out there for pregnant women. Some help track your health while other offer stickers for those cute pictures of your growing bump. Here are a few of my favorites from when I was pregnant with August: The Bump This app give week by week progress on your little ones development. SizeContinue reading “The Best Free Apps for the Pregnant Momma”

My Top Pregnancy Google Searches

You know that person that uses WebMD to diagnose themselves with cancer every other week? Yeah, that’s me. I take to the internet and scavenge for the answers to any and all of my wonderings- this definitely intensified during pregnancy. Here are some of the things that I searched the most: 1. How to getContinue reading “My Top Pregnancy Google Searches”

Top Baby Finds for Three Months

Here’s a few of the things August and Mommy are loving at three months: Carter’s Sleep and Play I don’t believe in doing anymore laundry than is absolutely necessary, so for lazy days around the house these Sleep and Play jammies are perfect. The footless design keeps baby from getting too hot throughout the dayContinue reading “Top Baby Finds for Three Months”

How I Boosted My Milk Supply

Many women struggle with their supply especially when returning to work an not able to nurse their baby. Low supply does not mean you are a failure, there are actually many things in your everyday life that can affect your supply. Exercise, hydration, diet, stress, and sleep all will directly effect how much milk youContinue reading “How I Boosted My Milk Supply”

Must Have for the Nursing Momma

My breastfeeding journey got off to a rocky start, but there are several items that I adore that have made it so much easier!  Bamboobies Nursing Shawl This nursing cover is amazing! I had bought a cover that was more in the style of a scarf, but I use this one way more. It’s largeContinue reading “Must Have for the Nursing Momma”

Diastasis Recti- 12 Week Postpartum Update

It’s been six weeks past my postpartum check-up where I was diagnosed with separation of the abdominal muscles, a condition called Diastasis Recti. After that appointment I envisioned myself finding a program and hitting it hard resulting in a huge improvement in my abs by this point in time. But I actually have a life.Continue reading “Diastasis Recti- 12 Week Postpartum Update”