Must Haves for Bringing Baby Home

As a first time Momma I did everything in my power to make sure I had everything my newborn would need. Diapers, wipes, car seat, crib, a cute diaper bag- check! My nesting showed up in a compulsion to make sure my baby would have everything he needed, yet somehow it ended up that I was asking someone to run to the store almost everyday for items that I never new I needed! So far all the new Mommas out their that are anxiously awaiting their little ones arrival, here’s a list of things I wish I had already had waiting at home!

1. Gripe Water

This magical substance is a blend of water, ginger, and fennel. It instantly vanished your little ones hiccups and also helps with gas and colic. This was recommended to me by a friend, but I decided to “wait and see if we need it.” Don’t kid yourself, just get it. Your little one will thank you and it will also relive the stress of a crying unhappy newborn.

You can get it at Walmart, Target, and most Drug Stores; or order it straight from Amazon: Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water 

2. Burp cloths, burp cloths, and more burp cloths.

I had a pack of flannel burp cloths as well as a pack of Gerber flat cloth diapers to use, surely that would be enough. For the first two weeks August never spit up, but when he started there were simply never enough burp cloths. I went and bought another jumbo pack of flat cloth diapers just so I wouldn’t be doing a load of laundry every night. Now burp cloths are scattered around the house like a new decorating trend, but at least there is always one handy.

Here are the ones that I use: Gerber Flatfold Cloth Diapers

3. Pacifiers

I had sworn to myself that I wouldn’t give my baby a pacifier (the reasoning behind this- I felt pressured that pacifiers were “bad” for baby.) However, less than 48 hours after he was born he was happily sucking away on a pacifier that I had revived as a sample. Needless to say we had to make a trip to get some more.

My baby will ONLY take take MAM pacifiers and bottles. They fit perfectly for his little face and have never caused nipple confusion in my experience, even with a baby that already had some nursing issues they never discouraged him from trying to nurse.:

Here’s the one my baby boy loves : MAM Pacifiers 

4. Lanolin

Okay so this one is for Mom. Do yourself a favor and have this on had. The first two weeks of nursing are going to hurt, even if your doing it right. Two words- chapped and cracked.Be sure to check the brand you get- pure lanolin does not have to be washed off prior to nursing which aids in comfort as well.

You can find it at Target and Walmart in the baby sections.

5. Infant Gas Drops

My midwife recommended trying to stay away from gas drops until 3 months. However after two days of a crying miserable baby I caved and gave him some. They relieved enough of his gas to help him calm down and get some rest. I recommend having them on hand because you never know when tummy trouble is going to strike ( Ours struck at 1am and continued into the next day.)

You can find it at Walmart, Target and just about any drug store.

6. Pacifier Straps

I already mentioned how life saving the pacifier (we call it the sassy) was in helping our little one self-sooth- these straps will keep you sane. In the first week after August was born I’m pretty sure all I said was “Where did the sassy go?!”

I like this kind because they are universal and can fit on various types of pacifiers. One of little A’s sassies only has small homes and this still works perfectly. Not to mention they are quite the bargain!

7. Boppy Pillow

Oh the Boppy, first item on many mom’s registry, but i never received one as a shower gift so I’d thought I would pass. And I passed for three weeks while meanwhile I was trying every arrangement of throw pillows possible to be more comfortable while nursing. I finally grabbed one on a target run and instantly realized how cray I had been to try and get by without it!

I got mine at Target because they have some super cute designs that are special to Target.

8. Swaddles

Babies love being swaddled because it reminds them of the womb by cutting out some stimulants of the outside world. It also helps keep them from getting the “startle” reflex which often wakes them from a light sleep. While swaddles can increase the risk of SIDS in older infants, pediatricians say it is relatively safe to swaddle an infant while they are sleeping until they are able to roll over.

Since I like to be more cautious I have never been comfortable putting him to sleep in a swaddle. However I will swaddle him as I am rocking him to sleep, then remove it once he is in a deep sleep.

These swaddles make it so easy to wrap up your little one.

All of these products ended up being a lifesaver for me. I put them at the top of my “Great Baby Shower Gifts” list and recommend them to all the new Mommas in my life. What did you find yourself grabbing for during your first days with a newborn?

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